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Do not fall for this Malaysian scam

Erik - 20-07-2011 @ 09:18

We have been contacted by mr Awang Farizul of Pelita Rasa Agency on behalf of the Tender Committee of the Project Monitoring & Procurement Committee in Malaysia. It turned out to be an attempted fraud. So please read our warning, so you do not get fooled by these people.

We were reluctant and careful, but the way they studied our products, asked good detailed questions about the company and the patience they showed gave more and more confidence that it could be a real buisiness opportunity.

Well..... it wasn't!  Luckily we have not lost a lot of money to these people, but we did spend a lot of time on it (and we feel cheated), so please be warned: it is a scam and in the end they want you to make the first payments to get everything started.

Bank statements and contracts turned out to be forged an websites were just created to gain trust.

So, if you are ever contacted by the following agent:

Awang Farizul
Pelita Rasa Agency Sdn. Bhd.
Level 5, 8 & 12, Wisma Satok Jalan Satok 93400 Kuching 
Sarawak, Malaysia
Registered in Malaysia, No. 1011429-H
V.A.T. No: MY3745072
Phone +60146485886
Skype awangfarizul

And he claims to work on behalf of the Malaysia Tender Procurement Committee:

Dr. (Mrs) Datuk Khoo Atuk
Secretary, Project Monitoring & Procurement Committee
Directorate-General For Development
Tender Committee
Tel: 0147492250, 0147492251

Be careful, because it's a scam! They show interest and ask detailed questions about your products, but in the end -after 3 monts, so they take their time- the real reason for all that effort arises: they ask for a 'Refundable Security Deposit' and the contracts and payment statements from the bank turn out to be forged.

Take a look at the documents here, so you can compare them if you have any doubts whether or not a document is real. Again: these are forged!



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