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Spring is in the Air!

- 27-03-2018 @ 11:49

With the Easter weekend in sight, we are officially opening the barbecue season! Do you already have plans to light your oneQ again?

Spring is in the air and the days are slowly getting longer again. That means more time to spend outside and to cook outside as well!

If your oneQ has been stored all winter, we have a few tips for a safe and healthy start to the bbq season.

First of all, clean your oneQ properly. Depending on how well you cleaned it the last time you used it, make sure that any old food residues are carefully wiped out after all this time. Scratch it off with a brush and clean it with some water and mild soap. The bottom of the oneQ Flame can be easily cleaned with a with a spatula or putty knife. Also empty and clean the oil drip cup at the bottom.

Clean the outside of your oneQ modules with water and mild soap too en dry it with a lint-free cloth.

Then when you use a gas grill it is very important to check your gas hose and all connections for leaks. If your gas hose shows any cracks, please replace it. Then connect the gas hose and open the gas bottle to put pressure on the hose.  Check for leaks by wetting the connections with the soap and water solution and watching for bubbles. If bubbles form or if a bubble grows, there is a leak. 
In that case immediately close the gas tank again and fix or replace the connections of gas hose!

Finally, after all cleaning and checks, light the barbecue and leave it burning on full power for about 10 minutes to kill all bacteria before you put any food on the grill.

Then you are all set to go! We hope you enjoy a long spring and summer with lots of fun and cooking on your oneQ. Do not hesitate to contact us, should you need any help or spare parts and please share your cooking pictures with us.




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